Production and wholesale supply of liquid inorganic fertilizers for endotherapy and for foliar, root and seed treatments with delivery throughout Italy.

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The company CNT Salus Mundi Srl division agriculture carries out the production and wholesale supply of raw materials and products for professional horticultural seed producers, nurserymen of slips, technicians in phytoology experts in the care of ornamental greenery, plant and fruit nurserymen, producers of vegetable seeds, specialized companies with products dedicated to lawn care, distributors of products intended for crop protection, producers of tomatoes, watermelon, melon and asparagus for industry, growers of orchid plants and other income flowers.

We guarantee our customers the supply of high quality products, competitive prices, an individual approach with each partner, timeliness and reliability of supplies in the required volumes.

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You can purchase the products you need by completing and sending us an order for the supply of products in any form that is convenient for you. All products are certified and compliant with the Mipaaf register.

Salus Thermae products


1 — 5 — 10 kg

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Salus Thermae products


1 — 5 — 10 kg

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1 — 5 — 10 kg

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AGRO PRODUCT min liquid inorganic fertilizers
Salus Thermae products



1 — 5 — 10 kg

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Salus Thermae products



1 — 5 — 10 kg

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Price list updated on June 16, 2021

Salus Thermae products

CNT veiled Srl

CNT SALUS MUNDI DIVISIONE AGRO is the company dedicated to the development and marketing of products in the agro-livestock sector.

CNT Salus Mundi agro division has two innovative lines:

  • New special fertilizers (resistance inducers).
  • Adjuvants for agriculture designed to defend plants from pathogens.
  • Fertilizers for tanning of seeds.

CNT Salus Mundi agro division operators ensure the high quality of the products on sale, made with cutting-edge systems and with a deep respect for nature, avoiding the use of chemical materials that are harmful to the environment and health.

Each product offered for sale is punctually accompanied by all the certifications and information required on the fertilizer regulations.

(documentation available upon request)

what do we do

SynthAg green liquid inorganic fertilizers

Research and innovation

The multiplicity of the use of SynthAg silver allows to research and create more and more innovative formulations for all infectious diseases of plants and seeds.

green world liquid inorganic fertilizers

Creating a greener world

The non-toxicity of our formulations allows a more environmentally friendly use and a reduction in the use of many pesticides.

green sheet liquid inorganic fertilizers

Problem solving

The preventive use of our fertilizers reduces many of the infectious diseases of the plant including bait pain, bacteriosis and different types of mold and fungi.

The results

A remarkable resistance to the adversities of the climate.

A superior overall balance of plants, vines, kiwis and other fruit trees.

Increased vegetative development.

A remarkable resistance to the presence of pathogens.

Used regularly, they allow for better self-defense against pathogens.

Potential inductors of resistance.


Bruno Cantarelli

Trustee and Biotechnologist - Nanotechnology International Holding Phon./wha.: +39 3772676345 e-mail:


Cristiano Scapini

Agricultural Expert Phon./wha.: +39 393 940 1854


Francesco Giovannini

agricultural expert Phon./wha.: +39 348 749 6022 e-mail:


Our most important asset is undoubtedly constituted by our team that, directly or indirectly, works in our company.

cnt lab srl min liquid inorganic fertilizers

some of the tests carried out on:

Botrytis Cinerea

Study of the antifungal activity of 8 formulations with results of effective inhibition activity against the fungus.

Xanthomonas Campestris

Analysis of the antimicrobial activity of the compound at two concentrations with results of excellent bacteriostatic / bactericidal capacity starting from 2 hours of exposure.

Acidovorax Citrulli

Efficacy tests of two formulations at 2 different concentrations with results of inhibition of the growth of the bacterium by both formulations and concentrations.

Pseudomonas Syringae pv. Actinidiae

Study of the bacteriostatic / bactericidal activity against the bacterium at 1-8-21-72h with efficacy results over 99% after 8 hours of exposure.

Agrobacterium Tumefaciens

Bacteriostatic / bactericidal activity of 4 formulations at two concentrations, effective already after 1 hour of exposure to the formulation.

Clavibacter Michiganensis

Analysis of the antimicrobial activity of the compound at two different concentrations effective against the bacterium starting from 30 minutes of exposure.

Results are available upon request.

36 and 1633271034159 liquid inorganic fertilizers
Lab test

Component (A + B) 100 ppm No bacterial growth

Lab test

Streptomycin 100 ppm antibiotic Moderate bacterial growth

Lab test

Untreated Abundant bacterial growth


The efficacy test against Acidovorax citrulli (AC) bacteriosis was carried out on two formulations, one bi-component, and another antibiotic streptomycin with the antibiogram method.

Acidovorax citrulli is a pathogen carried and transmitted by seeds. Contaminated seeds or infected transplants are often the main source of inoculation leading to the formation of outbreaks.


From the results obtained we can see that the treatments with the formulations of Component (A + B) 100 ppm completely inhibited the growth of the Acidovorax citrulli bacterium.


Salus Thermae products

What is an easy way to help the environment and plants?

Our biofertilizers are not phytotoxic, they do not accumulate in plants and in the soil they become inactive over time, they do not pollute water bodies and aquifers. The composition of SynthAg Silver Ion Cluster (Ag +) , due to their small size, have unusual unique antimicrobial properties, with protection against any type of pathogen. They contribute to the increase in crop yields by 17-38% .

Among our customers

CNT Salus Mundi srl has been present in the market for the supply of agricultural products for 7 seasons now. Over the years the company has established itself as a responsible and reliable partner. Our main task is to meet the needs of our customers and do it quickly and effectively. We are pleased to offer you liquid organic fertilizers for endotherapy and liquid fertilizers for foliar and root processing of our production, at the nanostructured silver synthesis laboratory.

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